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Welcome to our Mentorship Program. The Armenian Network of America is currently working on putting together an online mentorship program that will benefit the Armenian professionals community in many ways. We are looking for mentors from various industries nationwide. If you're looking to help either a student seeking career guidance or a professional looking to grow their career: please continue to complete the bottom portion of our Membership Application.

The Armenian Network of America mentorship program brings together experienced professionals with students and professionals to help promote professional growth within our community.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a member of the Armenian Community who is an experienced professional in their desired area and is willing to give their time and guidance to our members.

What are the Mentor Benefits?

  • Share knowledge, experience, and maturity
  • Help Armenians in our community
  • Improve communication skills
  • Serve as a resource for their mentees as they work to achieve their goals
  • Develop coaching and leadership skills

What Do Mentors Do?

  • Help develop and empower members of our community
  • Share experiences, advice, and wisdom
  • Provide support and advice to mentees
  • Help mentees reach their goals
  • Commit time to your mentees



The Armenian Network is always looking for volunteers to serve in many different capacities. There are many roles at many commitment levels that can be fulfilled in the group. One of the great benefits of volunteering, is the opportunity to meet and make new friends! Volunteering opportunities are also great for anyone who would like to add an activity to their resume. All you need is your desire to serve the Armenian Professionals community! Click here to fill out volunteering application.



The Armenian Network strives to hold special speaker events on various subjects that enrich the lives of Professional Armenian-Americans by providing educational forums through which quality content can be shared. If you are interested in pitching an event idea to us, please fill out the speaking arrangement form, and we will get back to you soon.

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