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Since 1984, The Armenian Network of America, Inc. has been a professionally-based community organization that has provided Armenian American professionals the opportunity to interact.  With chapters operating in New York, Washington DC., and Los Angeles, each chapter operates independently, catering to the dynamics of the designated geographic area.

The Armenian Network incorporates Regional Executive Committees, responsible for the management of Network activities/functions for a designated geographic area and a National Board of Directors, which oversees the management of the corporation. The Regions are able to network through the common databases, via telephone, email, and services hosted on this website, as well as during educational and social events. Regional interaction occurs at the Annual Conference where business and professional topics are presented and through communication channels maintained by the National Board. Community individuals are recognized for their success in their professional endeavors. For further information about the organizational structure of the Armenian Network of America please refer to our Charter and By-Laws (PDF document, 800Kb)


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Our Vision

  • Providing a forum for the advancement of Armenian Americans, integrating professional, cultural and social elements.
  • Promoting the interests of the Armenian American community through a forum which is ecumenical, non-partisan, global and broad-minded in practice and in opinions.
  • Addressing issues facing Armenians worldwide.




Network Chapters organize a variety of social and professional events to foster greater interaction among Armenian American professionals, address issues affecting the professionals and assisting with career opportunities. List of events held in the past:





  • Annual Summer Happy Hour at the Bryant Park Cafe (since 1999)

  • Annual Thanksgiving Eve Celebration co-sponsored with                                                                                          AGBU YP-GNY, ASA-NY, AYF-NJ, AYF-NY

  • Book lecture events with new and seasoned authors

  • Various educational, social, and cultural and speaking events


Board Members

Armenian Network - Washington DC Region 

The Washington, D.C. Regional Chapter of the Armenian Network of America has elected the following people to serve on the Executive Board for 2016:

  • Meganoosh Avakian              President        
  • VACANT                                     Vice President 
  • Albert Sayadian                      Board Advisor
  • Sarah Ludwig                           Board Advisor



Board Members

Armenian Network - Greater New York Region

The Greater New York Regional Chapter of the Armenian Network of America has elected the following people to serve on the Executive Board for 2016:

  • Talene V. Kachadourian      President

  • John Kazanjian                        Vice President & Treasurer

  • Lucine Tegnazian                   Community Relations

  • Elizabeth Akian                       Board Advisor 


The Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter of the Armenian Network of America has elected the following people to serve on the Executive Board for 2016:

  • Grigor Hakobian                       President
  • Sevak Isayan                               Vice President

  • Ashot Hakopyan                        Treasurer

  • Vacant                                           Public Relations and Marketing

  • Hripsime Mahtesian                Secretary


*All individuals interested in serving on an executive board may contact any of the current board members or contact us for further information.


2016 National Board


  •  Meganoosh Avakian                                            Chairman

  •  Talene V. Kachadourian                                   President

  •  John Kazanjian                                                     Vice President     

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